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Be Inquisitive

Be Inquisitive

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Be Inquisitive 

The inquisitive one is the courageous one.

The Intellect who scours in search alone.   

To be inquisitive is to question everything. 

To research and relinquish false objectivities.

The Inquisitive mind is where you will find

The truth intact and the answers to facts.

This is where it all truly begins, where it is limitless,

truth with love, and without ever end.

Receive data then render with Intellect and wisdom.

Research and scrutinize with diligence and deliverance.

Be Inquisitive. Be persistent. 

Be a voyager on a mission for truth encounter discovery refutations. 

We shall not fall so easily into the premeditated unknown.

Just because they say and market their planned known.

Media and lies and manipulated misinformation.

Resolution recommended creative imaginations for better nations.

Of peace, love and synchronized unison.

Where no one is in control of abusing leadership roles. 

Choose to change the channel and this signal frequency of life.

Find the higher dimension of channel conscious awareness flight. 

It’s as easy as that, while you keep your spirit and soul intact.

By simply refusing and saying no. To be inquisitive, this I know.

Infinite Intelligence and awareness tells me so,

regardless of media and propaganda shows.

What’s true is what speaks to you from the depths of inside.

This never lies or hides truth with intent to divide. 

What you hear doesn’t necessarily mean it is clear, true, or factual. 

Hesitate before you mediate. Fact check everything to actual.

Thank you for making me diligently persistent in pursuit through transition.

The transformation was inevitable in this environment of this unforgettable. 

Lesson learned, problem solved. 

Be an Inquisitive mind to guide you through the universal stars.

Be Inquisitive

~ Max La Vida ~

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Max La Vida ~ Maximize Life

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